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Coach Toni's students become
a human graph on a large number line 
while graphing inequalities.

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The last few years have made a significant impact on math instruction making teaching extremely difficult. Adopting remote and hybrid structures with less than robust online math programs have proven to take a toll on already declining Math scores across the nation. The effects of the pandemic are long lasting and it will take time to develop resources, strategies and a system of support that will address learning loss and produce data driven results.  Our students' futures are directly affected by the abilities and actions of the educator that leads them through their scholarly journey. Set The Table provides development services that builds a teacher's capacity for math content knowledge, growth mindset, pedagogical strength, systems adoption and leadership skills. The goal is for educators to feel empowered to create student centered, standards based, and engaging learning experiences that keep students coming back for more. Welcome to Coach Toni's Table, let's Set The Table.


Virtual Senior Trip with middle school seniors in the Bronx, New York. Coach Toni (left) was in Dallas Texas (during the deep freeze of Feb 2021) hosting a round table conversation with Bank Manager Danielle Carter (right) of Independent Financial Bank. Students also visited 4Front Engineered Solutions, The Dallas Aquarium, The Wright Twins Art Gallery, the AT&T Stadium, and a podcasting studio virtually in real time.

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About Coach Toni

Coach Toni is a professionally certified 7-12 grade math educator from Harlem, New York. She attended Hunter College on a full scholarship where she received both her bachelor's degree in Pure Mathematics and master's degree in Adolescent Mathematics Education. Toni joined the teaching ranks after spending 13 years in the hospitality management industry and taught fourth through twelfth grade dance classes and sixth through twelfth grade math classes in New York and New Jersey spending over a decade in the classroom with 7 of those years being in title 1 schools. While teaching, Coach Toni  has had the privilege of serving as grade team leader, and math content lead and has been engaged in instructional coaching work for the last 7 years. She has taught hundreds of students and has effectively raised math proficiency with relative increases across different classes ranging from 22% to 315%.

Coach Toni homeschools middle school students through her company Play.Math.Grow and provides parents of children ages 0-3 with the blueprint for making the most of their child's brain processing power through her
Teach Them Yesterday 0-3 Program.  She is also the author of A Busy Parent's Guide to Making the Most of the 0-3 years. Coach Toni's 5 year old daughter EV has gone viral 4 times in the last 4 years for her educational prowess before 2 and a half. EV has amassed over 7 million views collectively on her educational videos. 
Coach Toni is the founder of Cards on the Table. A holistic education parent coaching service grounded in conscious parenting that centers PARENTENTIONALITY and helps parents develop stellar observation skills to best assist their child through their 0-3, and by extension, 3-5 years.

Coach Toni is the creator of Trap Tables, a hip-hop album available on all major platforms, that helps students memorize multiplication facts while learning to understand them conceptually. She also founded Virtual Senior Trip where she organized live, virtual, standards based field trips for middle and high school seniors during the pandemic where they were able to see Coach Toni travel, 'choose their own adventure' through her, and engage with entrepreneurs and successful career people from the comfort of their homes and classrooms. Coach Toni is also the director of hospitality of Skaterobics, a rollerskating organization, where she plans private events for corporations and serves as the hospitality instructor, teaching staff members how to interact with the public through her week long 'Read The Room' intensive. In her spare time, Coach Toni likes to play the piano, roller skate, dance and teach her daughter math.

Growing up, Coach Toni failed Math through middle school. It wasn't until a family friend spent her time visiting every weekend helping to make math conceptual that Toni excelled in math. She took BC Calculus classes in high school, graduated cum laude, and  and started Play.Math.Grow LLC right after she graduated high school to help other students who needed assistance as she did. While in high school, Toni also enrolled in a STEM program funded by NASA and an English Language program funded by Barnard College and graduated from both programs as Valedictorian. She returned to the STEM program as a student mentor, and then as a math instructor, and then as the assistant director. These experiences in her journey allow her to have faith in every student's ability to grow and moves her to make her ceiling her students' floor.


Coach Toni (center) with her Pre-Algebra Students in 2012

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Anonymous Feedback

"Going forward, I would prefer Toni because she was not scripted and showing us 1000s of different features. She asked what our needs were and she showed us what we asked for."

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