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Coach Toni is an educational equity warrior from Harlem, New York.


She attended Hunter College where she received her bachelor's degree in Mathematics and master's degree in Adolescent Mathematics Education.

Coach Toni joined the teaching ranks after spending 10 years in the hospitality management industry and taught fourth through twelfth grade physical education classes and sixth through twelfth grade math class in New York and New Jersey.  She currently works as an instructional consultant traveling nationally to assist teachers with their classroom systems, management, conceptual defense of mathematics, and student relationships. She also tutors math to students from the elementary school level to university level.


Coach Toni is the creator of Trap Tables, a hip-hop album that helps students memorize multiplication facts. She also founded Virtual Senior Trip where she organized live, virtual, math standards based field trips for middle and high school seniors during the pandemic where they were able to 'choose their own adventure' and engage with entrepreneurs and successful career people from the comfort of their homes/classrooms.

Coach Toni hosts a weekly podcast called The Writing On The Board which discusses the issues that we have leading to the teacher shortage exacerbated by the recent global pandemic.

Coach Toni is passionate about educational prowess between the 0-3 age and hosts monthly webinars called Teach Them Yesterday to help parents make the most of their infant's and toddler's brain processing power.  In the summer of 2021, Coach Toni's daughter, EV went viral for spelling her full name at 1-year-old. Coach Toni and EV regularly make social media videos to show parents they they can help their children learn before its time for kindergarten too!

Coach Toni is the founder of Cards on the Table. A holistic education parent coaching service grounded in conscious parenting that centers PARENTENTIONALITY and helps parents develop stellar observation skills to best assist their child through their 0-3 years.

Coach Toni is currently the director of hospitality of SKATEROBICS, a roller skating organization and iher spare time likes to play the piano, roller skate, dance and spend time with her husband and children.


Coach Toni is Also the Founder of
Coach Toni's Table LLC

Coach Toni's Table is the one stop shop for all of the projects that she is working on.

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