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In just one school year, Conceptual Defense of Mathematics will: 
● Transform your teachers’ mindset around classroom culture and student engagement. 
● Deepen teachers' conceptual understanding of mathematics standards. 
● Equip teachers with practical strategies for creating productive and data driven learning spaces.
● Improve students' mathematics scores

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This is an adaptive service that is heavily customizable based on the needs of the school. It is loosely based on the following: 

  • Detailed School Audit

  • Classroom systems support

  • Lesson Planning support

  • Classroom Instruction Modeling

  • Co-Teaching Support

  • Materials Creation Support

  • Data mining and usage support

  • Parent Contact Support

  • 5 days per month of in person support

  • 2 days per month of virtual support

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Coach Toni can create standards based lesson plans based on her travel to a different state and engage with students virtually live through zoom where they 'choose their own adventure' and interact with professionals and attractions of that state. Fill out a contact form to inquire further

Jeffrey LeFave

"I believe this trainer, Toni Chavarria is the best one that we have had so far and we shoujld request her for other training for teachers in the math/science departments in the future...She" did a great job of understanding our school and our unique model of instruction. Thank you for providing the support for our classrooms."
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